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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Someone In Marketing Thinks You’re Stupid

Regular readers of the words that fall out of my head and onto the Internet will know that once in a while I let daylight in upon stagnant magic. Sometimes the mask slips and visitors to Reaper Towers get to see the liberal-pinko-bleeding heart-lefty that I am. So, if you are offended by, oh I don’t know common sense or if a pretty lady is enough to get you to part with your gaming bucks, look away now. With Ghost Recon: Future Soldier out next week the PR machine is shifting into high gear. No surprise there. We can expect

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Saints Row: The Third – Pimpalicious Threads and Bling Shotguns

Volition are bringing us some new DLC for their sandbox hit Saints Row: The Third. “The Explosive Combat Pack” lets players get their hands on an all new M2 Grenade Launcher as well as a shiny Future Soldier outfit. The Second DLC, known as “The Z Style Pack”, will allow you to roam the streets like a futuristic rapper armed with a blinged up shotgun while dressed in a “bold and pimpalicious” outfit. Each of these pieces of DLC work out at 160 MS Points each and are available from today on Xbox 360, although unfortunately are not included in

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Friday Frugal Findings – 25th November 2011

This weeks Friday Frugal Findings has been written under much hardship. When I arrived in my lab this morning the place was in total disarray, of course that could have been due to the amount of Deadman’s lethal cocktails downed the night before, yet I didn’t remember ordering monkeys from anywhere. That’s right, my entire work place has been taken over by chimps. Something’s a foot here… The deals on offer this week include, top hats, deadly rings, face punching, Sweden, and feathers. Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call; at Play.comNintendo DS – £27.69/$42.96/32.17 Euro I’ve got a thing for

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WoW: Hours of Twilight Patch Detailed

Due to be released toward the end of this year or the beginning of the next, Blizzard’s latest content patch for World of Warcraft have had some flesh put on it bones in this new preview trailer. The significant new content revolves around a number of dungeons including, End Time, Well of Eternity and Hour of Twilight, which will challenge players as they seek to obtain some of the best loot available. Raid fans will also find that Hours of Twilight will have something for them with what is being described as WoW’s most “epic” 10 to 20 man experience, Dragon

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Mario Kart 7 – Trailer

The 7th in the video game equivalent of crack series arrives at the beginning of next month and today Nintendo have released a trailer showing off gameplay and some of the features that Mario and chums will be bringing to the 3DS, these include customizable vehicles and online multiplayer with up to eight people, as well as the game taking advantage of the Streetpass and and Spotpass services meaning gamers cam obtain “ghost data” from others. Mario Kart 7 will be released on the 2nd of December in the EU and the 4th in the US.

New Dizzy Release Remake of Classic for iOS

  Yesterday we brought you a teaser trailer from that old warhorse Codemasters hinting at the return of everyone’s favourite video gaming egg, Dizzy. Rather surprisingly not 24 hours later further details including a release date have been announced. It seem what many had expect is true, the first Dizzy outing in 20 years is set to be a remake of the 1991 classic Dizzy: Prince of The Yolkfolk which will be available from the 9th of December on Android, iPad and iPhone. The gaming hit series which as created by the Oliver brothers, Philip and Andrew seem rather happy

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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Opening Cinematic

Ah Final Fantasy, how I loved thee, yet at some point our relationship turned into something distasteful like that of a University romance. You started exploring different combat systems and although at first I found your badly written scripts and story-arches adorable, alas they now grate on me like nails on a blackboard. Square Enix flagship titles and I parted ways after about 49 minutes into Final Fantasy XIII, but just the same as when you see an old flame strutting their stuff after you’ve torn each others souls to shreds, you do think “Christ, what have I done?”. This

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Serious Sam 3: BFE – Launch Trailer

“Serious” Sam Stone has managed something quite remarkable over the last decade, while the creators of Duke Nukem Forever where sitting around scratching their arses and scraping cold mozzarella of the inside of pizza boxes, Croteam had lit a fuse under them and blew them off the top of the tasteless violence FPS mountain. Today sees the release of the 3rd Serious Sam title which goes live on Steam at 6 o’clock GMT today and from this launch trailer it is looking as brutal and gory as ever. For none Steam users a boxed PC version will be available in

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