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Codemasters Hint at Dizzy Return?

In the eighties eggs where big news, salmonella epidenmics, Kinder Suprise and so on, but there was no bigger oval shaped star than Dizzy the protaganist of one of the most successful game series of the time. In this new teaser trailer Codemasters may very well be trying to tell us something, perhaps the Prince of the Yokefolk is set for a return? We would find that very egg-citing… Sorry.

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update 6th December

The latest update to the Xbox 360 Dashboard will introduce a significant overhaul to the UI, introducing a similar panel display to that seen on other Microsoft products such as the Windows Phone and the forthcoming Windows 8 OS. Other features will the addition of various entertainment Apps such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Channel 5 and LOVEFiLM for UK customers and Comcast, Verizon, Syfy, TMZ and HBO GO for those in the USA. Navigation of these services have been spiced up as Kinect has been, via both movement and speech, intergrated making one feel like your living in a futuristic

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Battlefield 3 Gets Hefty Patch on PC

Dice have announced details of an upcoming patch for the PC version of Battlefield 3, making war games run smoother for all you Desktop Soldiers. This huge mother of an update will include tweaks and improvement to loading times, the EA Origin service and a number of Battlelog features, among many other things. A console patch is forthcoming according to Dice, but this has been delayed due to the console certification process. Here are the full patch notes: Client side changes •General performance and loading time improvements •”Black Screen” fix for an issue occurring on some PC Configurations •Stereo and

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Jak and Daxter Collection Arrives in February 2012

One of our favourite platform double acts are officially getting a remastering this coming February on PS3, with the Jak and Daxter HD Collection. After months of rumor it is now guaranteed that a boxset including Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak 2, and Jak 3, will be released in glorious 720p resolution, with 3D options and plenty of trophies to obtain. If you didn’t play these fantastic games the first time around back in the days of the PS2, make sure to do yourself a favour and pick up this collection from Naughty Dog, which at first may

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Mass Effect 3 – Collector’s Edition Unboxed Video

If bank accounts had a male appendage this video is one of the very best in terms of being a financial prick tease. Bioware have released a new visual run down of what gamers purchasing the Collector’s Edition of the final part of Mass Effect Trilogy can expect to get their greasy mitts on come early March 2012. With so many Triple A titles now fighting for the collector’s coin, EA and Bioware are certainly putting forward a convincing argument for Mass Effect 3 being one of the releases you should treat yourself too in term of a premium purchase.

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Everquest 2 – Freeport Gets a Makeover

Update 62 (62?!? Christ!) is winging its way to the world of Everquest 2 and bringing with it a major makeover for the city of Freeport. The MMO which celebrated its seventh anniversary earlier this month sees its eighth expansion, Age of Discovery, arrive on the 30th of November and will have several new features including allowing players to build their own dungeons, a return of the Beastlords and making the game fully free-to-play with various other payment options for those who wish to have extra content. With the 62nd update comes a change to the city of Freeport as Lucan

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WWE 12 – Launch Trailer

Fans of well oiled men in spandex everywhere will be rejoicing this week as one of the worlds most homoerotic franchises beats a path to the door of gaming retailers. That’s right you Freudian freaks, WWE 12 sees its release in the USA today and this coming Friday in Europe with a improved control system and the Dev’s bringing that Smackdown feel in to what is essentially the Raw series. This is the launch trailer full of big burly blokes taking out their steroid induced rage on different types of furniture.

Metal Gear Soild: Snake Eater 3D Gets Release Date

Fans of the long running stealth action series MGS have had some conflicting news over the last 12 months regarding when Snake would finally make it to Nintendo’s 3D handheld, with an initial release date slated for December only for that to be changed at last Septembers Tokyo Game Show when we were told the launch had been pushed back to 2012. Finally a solid date has been set and MGS will arrive on the 3DS on the 8th of March next year, although it has not been confirmed whether this only relates to the Japanese launch, however it is

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