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Forza Day Out Report – Mondello Park

It was a bright and warm Thursday morning in Dublin town when Reaper Gaming (unusually out before dark!) made it’s journey to Mondello Racing Park, Nass, Co. Kildare. We were gladly being whisked away courtesy of Edelman PR and Microsoft to partake in some pre-release Forza 4 shenanigans at the renowned racetrack. Entering Mondello we were warmly greeted by Jamie from Microsoft who gestured to a room full to brim with wide screen TVs each running the mighty Forza 4 and featuring all three different controlling mechanisms (standard controller, steering wheel and Kinect). The first thing everyone remarked on was

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Link is Back! (Enter Generic Wii Pun Here)

Published by in News on June 17th, 2010

A new Zelda title (Wii) has been announced at E3 and by the looks of things it’s time to get excited! Nintendo guru Shigeru (Get it?) Miyamoto was on hand to unveil the next installment of what is arguably, Nintendos greatest franchise. Sorry Mario! Dated for next year and boasting the moniker ‘Skyward Sword’ it looks set to comfortably build on an incredible gaming legacy! Check out the official trailer below and wallow in the cheesy trademark soundtrack. Can’t wait…. See what you think! P.S What’s with the warning at the start?! Hardcore Nintendo. Hardcore.

Wii in it my friend and you’ll get a Goldeneye!

Published by in News on June 15th, 2010

Well it has FINALLY happened! After what feels like an eternity (in Zelda years) Nintendo announced today at E3 the return of the almighty and all round awesome Goldeneye. N64 owners will remember just how incredible this title was in it’s day, not to mention what a huge game changer it was in the evolution of the first person shooter. By the looks of the vid below it’s gonna rock and I for one am readying the Martini shaker as we speak! Lot’s of returning features, among them the Four-Way split screen and by the looks of things the atmosphere

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Holy Bird S**t Batman

Published by in News on March 9th, 2010

Some details are beginning to emerge concerning the much anticipated follow up to Rocksteadys awesome Batman: Arkham Asylum. A recent listing made on IMDB has confirmed the brilliant Mark Hamill will be back as the voice of ‘The Joker’ and actor Bruce Greenwood will be schizo-voicing ‘Two Face’. So far, so good I hear you say? Well not so fast….. It seems that Batmans irksome sidekick Robin (is he on Twitter?) has been on to his agent, demanding a turn, and by all accounts it’s paid off. The controversial and historically divisive character has been included on the listing, allegedly

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PS3 Meltdown

Published by in News on March 1st, 2010

Playstation 3 owners have been left at one heck of a loose end this morning with news breaking of massive meltdown on the PSNetwork. Tweets abound of an inability to play PS3 originals, connection loss to the network and even reports of trophy data being wiped out completely. The cause of the issue? Well it’s too early to tell but there are rumors it could be attributed to some sort of ‘Leap Year Miscalculation’ similar to the infamous Y2K bug with some gamers reporting their PS clock has set to Dec. 31st 1999! Sounds like a bit of a mess

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I Want Bigger! BIGGER! B- I -G- G- E -R!!

In a surprising move, Nintendo have announced a larger version of their smash-hit handheld gaming device DSi. The new DS, sporting a substantial sizing up of the dual screen is being given the moniker DSLL in Japan with an expected release date of November 21st. We can expect to get our grubby little Euro-Fingers on it early 2010 when it lands here as the Dsi XL. The new dual screen size will be 4.25 inches and pricing available so far is around 20,000 Yen ($220) but we’ll let you do the Euro math! Strange move if you ask us, coming

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Master Chief owns Mario

Those lads at Machinima keep the laughs coming! The Princess is all grown up it seems…. Didn’t Luigi tell Mario what she was really like?

Wii Like It…

In a mystery, wrapped in an an enigma, wrapped in a riddle Wii gamers have been left, well, Wii-ing with excitement at news that the classic N64 title ‘Goldeneye’ is set for a comeback and it won’t be a re-hash, more like Goldeneye 2010. It has to be said however, it is but a rumour. Gaming-industry site Superannuatation reported a CV belonging to a video game animator who had worked for Eurocom Entertainment Software (Quantum of Solace, Nightfire) was posted on-line claiming to have worked on Goldeneye 2010 Wii: “Animator on Activision’s James Bond series for the Nintendo Wii assisting

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