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Walking Dead Season 2 sneak peek

Looks good to me….we’re all suffering from massive zombie over exposure but who doesnt want to smash a shamblers rotten head in with a blunt instrument? Just a couple of months to go…

Conan Reboot – Might not actually be cack

  “Crash ya enamees….see zem driven befoa you…hear ze lamendashun of their vimmin!” I’m sure you probably rolled your eyes when you heard about this imminent reboot but damn, this blood-splattery teaser actually makes me think it might be alright! The original trailer was a marketing crash n burn with iffy editing and awful, awful metal music but this is a lot better…have a gander…

A Reaper Gaming Tribute to Fan Films

Published by in Movies on July 16th, 2011

So after watching the Half Life: Singularity Collapse and the Splinter Cell Live Action fan film’s.I decided to embark on a little quest, to find as many of the greatest fan film’s asI could and put them here for all of us to enjoy, and let me tell you there are a lot of them. But I struggled on and picked out some of the best  for your viewing pleasure. So to all the hard working guys and gals out there that make these possible we salute you. Starting off we have the Godfather of fan films, Troops which made

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ORCS! – Bored of the rings

Whoa, here we go…are you ready for a entirely worthless 78 minutes of cack that nearly approaches the execrable Birdemic in its quite stunning lack of craft imagination and intelligence? I have nothing against the fantasy/contemporary mash-up concept as such…I think a pc shooter where you ethnically cleanse jrr tolkien’s middle earth of everything with hairy feet or pointy ears armed with nothing more than a mp40, multiple claymores, infinite ammunition and a briefcase-sized tactical nuke would be great. The story of the movie, in its entirety…a couple of park rangers and a blond get chased by orcs in a

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THE WOMAN – There’s an Anthropophage in the cellar

A while ago I reviewed a strange little movie called The  Offspring, a rather chewy tale of cannibals running amok in upstate New York. It was a badly acted, amateurish shambles but a weird buzzing soundtrack and some biting-on-tinfoil nastiness made it very slightly more memorable than your usual dvd horror fodder. How to sum this one up? Well let’s just say Hell hath no wrath like a cannibal woman scorned. The Woman is a loose sequel, again based on a story by notoriously explicit author Jack Ketchum. The concept is quite interesting…sole surviving cannibal woman from the first movie is caught by

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STAKE LAND – Got wood?

  Where in the name of Bram Stoker’s rotted balls did this come from? Not a documentary about a meat-based theme park but a highly entertaining apocalyptic survivors-vs-bloodsuckers horror-action hybrid. A man and a boy wander through the wasteland on a seemingly endless mission to find the rumoured sanctuary of New Eden. Along the way they pick up various stragglers and off  quite a few slavering feral vampires. The Man is only known as “Mister” and, like most men-without-a-name, he’s simultaneously Hard as Nails and Cool as F**K. The kid’s a fairly anodyne mop-headed protag who’s given a rough intro

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  If you’ve seen the original Human Centipede then you’re aware that it really wasnt “that” bad…it suggested more than it actually showed and was a mildly entertaining laugh on it’s own deeply wrong terms. However it looks like something has gone a bit mental with the sequel…read on…   This new work, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), tells the story of a man who becomes sexually obsessed with a DVD recording of the first film and who imagines putting the ‘centipede’ idea into practice. Unlike the first film, the sequel presents graphic images of sexual violence, forced defecation, and mutilation,

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Los Ojos De Julia – EYES EYES BABY

Genuinely spooky spanish psycho thriller from the guy who brought you The Orphanage, again midwifed by the obesely talented Guileermo Del Toro. Julia’s Eyes…qué es acerca de? Well, like “My Left Foot”, “The Man with Two Brains” or “Hung” It’s exactly what it says on the tin. A bit like ronseal. Except in this case its not a tin of  petroleum-based varnish, but instead a tin full of…eyes. Eyes going….bad. Julia has a degenerative disease which is slowly eroding her eyesight. Her twin sister had the same malady and came to a unfortunate end, but something about this seems wrong

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