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Nintendo Wii Motion Plus – Grrr!

Published by in Rant on July 20th, 2009

Ok, here we go… Who thinks that big company’s get away with too much bullshit these days?? Like Nintendo releasing a lil widget to make their controllers ‘more accurate’. Why wasn’t it accurate in the first place??? I’ts like releasing a PS3 or Xbox controller that’s missing a thumb stick and buttons that you will have to buy later, just so it can work properly… OK so that’s a bit extreme, but you get my idea.The iPhone did something similar, release a phone with no video or MMS ability then a year later make a big deal out of it

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Get this down ya… How’s it taste??

Published by in Rant on July 14th, 2009

Heres one for ya to scrap over… Nintendo only listen to their Japanese audience, they couldn’t give a balls about the American and European markets! Their concept is new and a novelty but the title support sucks and the whole thing is for kids and people who don’t play games normally. Good party machine though… Would you bother with one? Sony only listen to… nobody! They blindly push through popular opinion with arrogant self belief and stake their success on a dying fan base mixed with a blue ray player. Free multi player support but you get what you pay

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