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Gamer Expo – 29th – 31st of October. This is gonna be Greeeeatt!

Published by in News on September 6th, 2010

Its Irish! Its for Gamers! Its the beginning of something Big!! No, I’m not talking about a giant green gaming leprechaun, I’m talking about the ‘Gamer Expo’ this October! Just imagine the global gaming community traveling to Ireland for one of the biggest gaming events of the year. OK, so that’s not going to happen this year but imagine it in a few years from now, E3 started off small and so did the GamesCom in Germany, I see great things for the future of Irish gaming and this is going to be a part of it! Wouldn’t you like to say that you attended the first year of what has become the envy event of the gaming community?? Then get your ass down to the Gamer Expo in Citywest this October, it is going to be big and sexy! Give it some good old Irish backing!
So, what to expect…? There will be 4 big LAN war arenas for all the multi player heads where they can take part in tournaments and win stuff! Check out the new and preview titles in the Demo zone. There will also be tecky stuff to oogle at like 3D gaming telly’s and you can even hit the retail area to splash your cash if your in the mood. If that doesn’t keep you happy then head over to the Gamer Lounge where ya can chill with a drink and get some grub while ya chat about what to do next. There will be developer talks for those with a keener interest in the games industry and on the last day there will be a big Cos Play where everyone dresses up like a total loony in order to win the top prize, what the hell, its on Halloween day anyway!
Its not often us ghouls wander out of Reaper Towers but this is one event that will make us put down the joy pad and meet the plebs, so if you see us there feel free to say hi, or get stuffed or whatever…
For more information on tickets check the Gamer Expo site.We will keep you posted with regular updates and news bits for this fab event between now and the 29th of October. We might even have some free tickets to give away, so keep your eyes peeled, and spread the good word!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks good, I will check it out!! Thanks for the heads up lads, good stuff.

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