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Dead Rising – Case West – More Mini DLC for DR2!!

Published by in News on September 22nd, 2010

More zombie antics for you today, we do love drooling meat bags… who doesn’t eh?! Well, we have had ‘Dead Rising 2′ Case Zero, we will soon have ‘Dead Rising 2′ but now there is another! ‘Dead Rising 2: Case West’!! That’s Frank West to you, I and thousands of zombies in a shopping mall. Ring any bells? The dude out of the first Dead Rising perhaps… Yep, hes coming to the new game and will fit into a co-op role for multi player, cool eh! It will also give the story of what happened to him after the events of DR1. But this isn’t a prequel, nor is it meant to be during DR2, its set after it all apparently… sort of kills the suspense on whether Chuck makes it or not through the main game eh… Anyway, check out the feature on ‘Case West’ below courtesy of our good buddie’s over at Game Trailers.com

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