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COD – Black Ops – Map Pack – First Strike – Feb 1st!

Published by in News on January 17th, 2011

Here we go with the Activision rip off plan… four new Multi player maps and a zombie mode map all for the neat price of 1200msp… neat my ass!! That’s twice the price of four Halo maps, WTF!! Slightly better than MW2′s offerings last year I guess… but still, what extortion! Anyway, if you love COD enough then ya will deffo get these and I have to admit they do look pretty interesting, just have a look at the vid below. The maps will be out on the Xbox 360 on February 1st (2011). PC and PS3 should get it soon after but that date is yet unannounced, tut, tut to exclusives eh. Check below for the map details. Keep an eye on the COD Black Ops homesite here for any updates… Enjoy.

Kowloon – Basically the Hong Kong mission from the single player campaign. Remade with multiplayer in mind but with zip lines and lots of camping positions. Allot of falling to be done I recon!

Discovery – Time for some snow, its a research station but has a deep chasm dividing it with narrow points connecting them, real fortress type stuff. Oh, be careful though the bridges can be destroyed, excellent!

Berlin Wall – World War II makes another appearance in Black Ops with this map, it is East meets west with a turret riddles no mans land… lots of slaughter!

Stadium – A modern complex with lots of close quarter combat and lots of camping potential, get out the shotguns!

Ascension – the Zombie map… no details as of yet but we bet it will have, um, guns and zombies!?

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