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Call of Duty – Black Ops – Escalation is a Go!

Published by in News on April 11th, 2011

**Update ** Screw the Rock – I can smell when a rumour is cooking true or false and this one had true tattooed on its ass from the start – Its official ‘Escalation‘ for Black ops is a go!! Its coming on the 3rd of May to Xbox, so less than a month to wait. Major Nelson let the monkey out of the bag today (check here for that). He also revealed that it is going to be the usual rip off price of 1,200msp – Told ya it would be that too, didn’t I, eh! So I recon I’ll just wait for a sale or something cos I felt like a cheep used whore after buying the ‘First Strike’ pack- and buying 2 map packs for Call of Duty costs nearly the same as buyin a new game, dirty, greedy Activision… Grrr!

Original post:
Here we go again, another multi player map pack for Black Ops… the last one (First Strike) wasn’t bad if a tad (allot) overpriced. The new second pack – ‘Escalation‘ looks like it will have about four maps and a zombie mode level – Seize the ZooTake the HotelSecure the Convoy and Raid the Stockpile with the possible zombie one being – Survive Call of the Dead. So that’s a fairly big map pack but it would be nice if they supported some single player action too… or even some co-op type thing, arg!

Its coming on May 3rd (2011) to Xbox and soon after for PS3 and PC. The price? Well no official word on that yet but I can bet its going to be at least 1200 msp – unless Activision have seen the error of their ways and decide to charge a fair price… actually they might charge 1600msp. Greedy fookers! We will update you with more on this when we get it… for free!

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