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Black Ops – Escalation – Call of The Dead

Published by in News on May 3rd, 2011

Its nearly the 4th of May so – May the fourth be with you! If your an XBox 360 owner and you like zombies then the video below will salivate your blood lust. It features some Horror movie Greats (and not so great) appearances, most notably George Romero, Mr Day/Dawn/Night and other less successful times of the Dead movies, Legend! But – Buffy?? Seriously?? Could they not have gotten Bruce Cambell or someone else, arg! At least theres no Twilight twats I guess. Anyway, the Escalation pack is looking seriously good and for me this seals the deal, I simply must get it now… grumble. I hate the price (1200msp) but at least it looks like were getting a lil more than usual for our buck with this ‘Call of the Dead’ feature. If you hate the living dead idea then this changes nothing for ya, its just an over priced bunch of maps… but I luv the walking dead, so I’ll see ya all in Zombieville, with my Boomstick!!

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