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Call Of Duty – The Subscription! Eeek!

Published by in News on May 31st, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 is on its way but with it will be coming Activisions latest attempt to get their greedy mits on your dosh. COD Elite will be the new Free service that gives COD fans and fruit baskets access to an overwhelming amount of stats and if you are a monthly paid subscriber you will get extra stats and DLC at a reduced price. It will tie in with all COD games from Black Ops on into the future for all platforms. Now, its important to understand that this wont conflict with the normal bought in the shop game, it is a extra not a necessity… at least not yet. I can see how this would appeal to Call of Duty fans but for anyone who just likes these games but isn’t an exclusive type of player it might be much a do about nothing. Kinda like a paid version of Halo Waypoint… Click here if you want to see the offical blurb and sign up for the beta.

Check out the video below which does a much funnier and better job of explaining this than I do, its rather good actually. There is also a full feature on this over at the Wall Street Journal here. Boom – Bank account shot!


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