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Friday Frugal Findings – 3rd June 2011

Our need for an E3 fix will be abated this coming Monday, which is a good job really as we’re all shaking and jittering more than Muhammad Ali on a bouncy castle. As we look forward to getting a further peak at some of the new titles that will hit the shelves this year and next, we’re going to focus on certain franchises that are afoot and give you the best prices on the games in these series so you can get yourselves up to speed before you part with your pre-order cash.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2; at Amazon UK
Xbox 360 – £19.99/$32.80/22.42 Euro
PS3 – £17.99/$29.52/20.17 Euro
PC – £15.75/$25.85/17.67 Euro

Number 3 is going to land on E3 like a dirty bomb no doubt and if you have been one of the few people not to get the MW bug over the last few years, its about time you did. The second game in the soon to be trilogy, includes high-octane FPS action, some beautiful and original level design, as well as a strongly developed plot. Although some complaints abound regarding the length of the single player campaign and the multiplayer not being as good as the original title, MW2 is still worth your gaming time and money.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves; at Play.com
PS3 – £14.49/$23.80/16.26 Euro

The third person action adventure game which snatched the torch from the delicate hands of the now somewhat tired Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series. Come to think of it I wouldn’t have thought Lara’s hands would be so delicate these days after all that rock-climbing and such, I imagine them to be calloused and gnarled, it would be like getting a hand-shandy from a heavyset farmer. I digress. Among Thieves is a classic blend of cover based gunplay, puzzle solving and logical stealth-ing about, all bound together with some stunning cinematic set-pieces.


Mass Effect 2; at Amazon UK
Xbox 360 – £12.81/$21.04/14.38 Euro
PS3 – £20.99/$34.47/23.57 Euro
PC – £8.99/$14.76/10.10 Euro

Two games which changed the way people thought about the RPG genre as a whole. It is simply impossible to convey just how great the Mass Effect series really is to people who have yet to experience this bit of space opera, that harkens back to classics such as the Wing Commander games. I can see you sitting there scratching your head, what do you mean you don’t remember Wing Commander? You kids, with your ethical haircuts and your downloadable sex holograms, you make me sick. Mass Effect 2 continues Commander Shepard’s battle against the growing Reaper tide which threatens to wipe out all life in the universe, as you build up your crew ahead of the coming battle you’ll get the chance to explore a huge variety of side quests and build relationships with your ship mates. Do not wait any longer to catch up with one of the finest games in the last 20 years.

Batman: Arkham Asylum; at Play.com
Xbox – £9.99/$16.41/11.22 Euro
PS3 – £9.99/$16.41/11.22 Euro
PC – £5.00/$8.21/5.61 Euro

A classic through and through and as The Dark Knight is preparing to take on the scum of Arkham City in the upcoming sequel, what better time to delve into the horror of the world famous home for the criminally insane. We follow Batman inside Arkham Asylum with The Joker in toe after being apprehended once and for all by The Caped Crusader, but needless to say his old nemesis has other ideas. This 3rd person action adventure shows this style at its best, with gripping combat, an enthralling storyline and some of the best character representations seen of Gotham’s most villainous inhabitants anywhere.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion; at Amazon UK
Xbox 360 – £19.51/$32.04/21.89 Euro
PS3 (Game of the Year Edition) – £16.02/$26.31/17.97 Euro

Once in awhile, an RPG comes along that stands alone in being the very best of its generation, such as Eye of the Beholder in the early 90’s or Baldur’s Gate at the end of that decade. Oblivion is one of these games, being rich in looks, play style and story, it showed that fantasy isn’t just about elves and hobbits, in fact it can be much, much darker than you might expect. It is also worth noting that the DLC for this title is a rare and exotic beast as it is actually worth downloading and adds to the currency to game-play ratio that many developers neglect. In short, buy it.

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