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Star Wars – TFU – Ultimate Sith Edition. Rip Off?

Published by in Rant on July 29th, 2009

Why do game companies so often treat their loyal fan base like used whores? Sound it a bit extreme… I suppose it is, but now that I have your attention I shall explain myself a bit better…

Star Wars – The force unleashed is getting two more brilliant looking levels (Hot Tatooine and cold Hoth) to add to the latest one (Jedi Temple). This is fab news of course, I am personally salivating at the idea of handing over my hard earned cash for these tasty morsels of lightsaber action and delighted to see that the game was getting good DLC support at all, even if it is nearly a year later… At least I was, until I found out that one of the two levels would only be available on disc… yes that’s right, the ‘Tatooine’ level will be available for download, at a hefty price I imagine… but the ‘Hoth’ level shall only come with, wait for it, the new full version of the game called the ‘Ultimate Sith Edition’.

Now, if you have never played TFU before, this is indeed a fantastic package and perhaps if you have played the game but have still to get any of the DLC available then it is bitter – sweet, but if you have the game and have the current DLC then you have every right to be pissed that you are being forced into buying a game you already own just for one level, even if it will be kick ass… So do I not buy the ‘Tatooine’ level when it comes out on DLC… do I try to trade in my old TFU for a new TFU-USE… and do I get my money back for all the DLC I have already gotten????

Why can’t they just release the ‘Hoth’ level as a DLC as well as in the Ultimate Sith edition… that way everyone is a winner. Is it just me or do you think Lucas arts are forcing our hand (no pun intended) to buy a new copy of TFU (sith edition)? Are they acting like complete Fat, Greedy, Jabbas?

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