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Theres no ‘Gay’ in ‘Gaming’….

Published by in Rant on August 13th, 2009

Aw, geez… here we go…

There are reports lately of Thinkb4YouSpeak.com doing a campaign on the Gay’s being targeted in gaming… boo, hoo! Don’t get me wrong, I believe that everyone has the right to be and do whatever the hell they want to do, even if it does involve latex and a plunger. If their not hurting anyone else then… go for it!!

That said, I’m also sick of hearing about ‘Gay’ topics in gaming. Truth is that the Gay community has a habit of hijacking topics and events that have nothing to do with their ideology. The St. Patricks Day parade in New York is one example and there are several others to match it. Gaming has nothing to do with race, creed, sexuality or lifestyle so why try make it a target?? Publicity for a Gay crusade is the reason I recon. Games are now more popular than ever so it makes a great target, well I say enough!! There is no Gay in Gaming…

We still live in a free society, or at least the illusion of one (that’s a different debatable topic), and as long as I have a mouth I shall use it to form whatever words I like, and if ‘That’s so Gay…’ happens to be one of the phrases I like to use… then tough! Anyone who plays games online knows to expect every type of absurd slur and character assassination on the fashionable list of insults… regardless of truth or judgement. If I took all the abuse that I receive on Xbox live seriously I’d be a dribbling insecure wreck… Get over it! Don’t like it, stand up for yourself and fight back, or leave the game… whatever!

Things have gotten too PC, soon it will be offensive to refer to a person as ‘Straight’ because that indicates that anything else in imperfect… as in ‘Bent’!! What about racial slurs are they not as important? I say to the Gay – Relax and have a sense of humour, after all their just games!! Then hang a ‘Ballad of Gay Tony’ poster on your wall and be happy with it!

On a side note, I recon the quotes they picked to highlight this issue are generally quite true… (a stereotype becomes what is is because it is grounded in truth) the whole thing is hilarious!! Check it out… The Gay Campaign.

Feel free to disagree… it is your right!

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  1. Master Gi-Bag says:

    But video games are full of gays anyway. Look at that lot in Gears of War, you just know they are clearly a bunch of Muscle Marys who like spending some r+r in a zero gravity off-world oil bar equivalent of The Blue Oyster. Real gays are probably too busy working out to play games, you rarely see fat gays isnt that right Reaper?

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