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COD Black Ops – Map Pack 3 – Annihilation

Published by in News on June 17th, 2011

Its Christmas time for Activision again as the third Call of Duty Map pack is set for Xbox release on the 28th of June (PC and PS3 unannounced… but ya canĀ  bet on about two to three weeks after). The pack looks ok as you will see in the video below, not quite as sensational as the last one I recon, but still pretty good and a must for Black Ops fanatics. No price as of yet but Id bet my left nut that it will be the usual rip off price of 1200msp – Grrr! That said, it is nice to see a steady trickle of DLC for Black Ops that is of a reasonable high standard (Lets hope MW3 will take heed). ‘Annihilation’ will feature four new maps and a new zombie mode:

Hanger 18 – Based on the Area 51 USAF base with lots of Easter eggs to find – at a guess that means aliens – ya think?! It is said to be good for sniper action and for close quarter shoot-ups, an all-rounder of a map.
Silo -A Russian Nuke construction facility that should be good for snipers as it boasts to be the largest multi player map so far, but will also contain lots of cover areas for good boom-stick battles… expect radiation.
Drive-In – Is a small close quarters map along a similar vibe to ‘NukeTown’, so lots of knifing.
Hazzard – Is a modified map from ‘Word at War’ (Cliffside) that has been turned into a golf course – yep, its balls to the wall as this is said to be a great sniper map with its wide open areas.
Shangri-La – The zombie map is a tropical setting with allot of close quaters action. It will have new weapons and a fresh way of getting around – and lots of tribal like zombies!

So lots more bullets and blood to look forward to, and I’m guessing that this might not be the last map pack yet – it seems to be a gravy train that Black Ops will milk till MW3 hits us I recon. Better over priced than not at all… I think!?


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