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Rainbow Six is coming back – Hurray!

Published by in News on June 24th, 2011

It has been a long time since we have seen a Rainbow Six game and long over due. If your not familiar with the previous RB6 Vegas you should slap yourself in the groin three times and run out to buy the old ones! Rainbow Six is the thinking mans Modern Warfare and puts tactics over running n’ gunning strategies. It was massively popular online and was the closest thing on a console to the mighty Counter Strike on the PC. Well now its coming back, at long last!

The setting is in the greatest city on earth – New York, home of nice Pizza, Hot Dogs and Gun crime. Terrorism and New York have a past so hopefully this game wont cause too many raised eyebrows, that said – the threat in the game is of a homegrown faction threatening the city, not al-Qai-nutters. More importantly Ubisoft are introducing a huge ‘Moral’ factor to game-play making you take difficult decisions that will apparently have a dramatic effect on the storyline and outcome. The example being given (via Kotaku) at the moment is of the scene where some poor civilian sap has been taped up with bombs and left holding the trigger button. You take control of this walking disaster as he escapes to the streets and end up on a bridge. This is followed up with you then taking control of a R6 member and have to decide how to deal with the situation. Apparently you can shoot at specific limbs in order to wound rather than kill or just chuck the guy over the edge of the bridge and watch him pop… but save innocent bystanders from getting splatted. – Morality – This is what Ubisoft seem to be highly focused on, so here’s hoping we get some more info on this soon. Mmm – Pizza!


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