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Left 4 Dead/Portal/Team Fortress 2 – The Comic!

Published by in News on July 11th, 2011

More Zombies for ya all today -  if you love comics, games and walking meat-bags then the ‘Left 4 Dead’ comic will be right up your ally like a chainsaw up the ass. It’s pretty good and focuses on ‘The Sacrafice’ campaign from the game. This has been around for awhile and if you missed it then ya can check it out here at the L4D site. It’s well worth a read – But that’s not all my dead head friends, Valve have announced that they intend releasing a comic/graphic novel containing some of their other greatest gaming titles including, Portal, Team Fortress 2 and of course Left 4 Dead. It will be published by ‘Dark Horse Comics’ and is said to come in around $30. You can get your fiendish mitts on ‘Valve Presents: The Sacrifice and other Steam-Powered Stories’ on November 16, so stick that in your diary… or wherever!

If this is successful it could start a real trend. Sure, Mass Effect and several other games have tried to become comic/book sensations, all with varying degrees of failure success but none have really cracked into the mainstream scene. Valve rarely fail and with their past attempts to delve into areas other than just making games being very successful for them (Steam for one) it is quite likely that they could do what no other gaming comic has done to date – become massively successful. If so we might get a Half Life or Counter Strike penned up for us, wouldn’t that be nice?

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