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Star Wars games of the future??

Published by in News on July 12th, 2011

You may think college kids are little more than lazy pups that eat all day and drink all night and bang anything that moves – you’d be right, my college days involved little in the way of studies – look at me now, top of the world ma!! Er, anyway, not all are like me thankfully and as a result Arthur Nishimoto – a student at the ‘University of Illinois at Chicago’ created the game in the video below as a student project. Its called ‘Fleet Commander’ and involves a RTS style touchscreen setup. As you will see it is a multi player affair and a very exciting prospect for the future – maybe Gaming Arcades could adopt something like this and revive their dead ass, or perhaps local pubs might consider this type of thing – wouldn’t that be cool? Drunken touch screen Star Wars – now thats college fun!!



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