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Darksiders 2 – Gameplay Trailer

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse must be the worst metaphorical beings to have as mates, think about it, every time you went out for something to eat Famine would only order the Green Salad then spend most of the evening pushing it around his plate with his fork and when the bill arrives more than likely insist he only pays for what he ordered rather than splitting the tab, Pestilence would spend the night coughing all over your steak and not boozing due cirrhosis of the liver, War would be giving it his usual battle cry of “Are you looking at my bird?!” and intentionally bumping in to people on his way back from the bar in the hope of starting an almighty fracas due to spilt ale and Death, I feel sorry for Death, the poor bastard has to spend every minute of his day cleaning up the carnage left by his buddies.

In the second of the Darksiders games, you take on the role of the most downtrodden of the Horseman, Death, as you hack and slash your way across all new dungeons and environments in an effort to prove that War did not bring about the apocalypse ahead of schedule. In this new trailer we get to see some of the gameplay in action and if you missed it at E3 this year, we have also included the first trailer showing our protagonist in all his boney glory.

Darksiders 2 is being produced by THQ and Vigil Games and is pencilled in for a 2012 release date.

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