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The Devil’s Rock – Guernsey Devil

Don’t nazis and the supernatural make a great combo? Raiders of the Lost Ark…The Keep…Wolfenstein…Hellboy…even more modern cheapies like Dead Snow and Outpost haveĀ benefitedĀ from cross-fertilising pure horror elements with the grim and dread iconography of the Third Reich. Und was ist das? It’s a theoretically interesting but ultimately failed ww2 cautionary tale of an antipodean commando, a german officer and a, hmm, succubus.

It probably worked better on paper…hero infiltrates a german coastal defence bunker in the Channel Islands, finds dismembered germans everywhere and eventually a single survivor who warns him about what’s locked in upstairs…Meh, the tiny set and cast of three would possibly make a passable episode of Masters of Horror but as a full length feature it’s just a bit not very good.

There are lots of rubbery intestines lying around and some entertainingly bad teeth and german accents, but there’s no real story momentum, the succubus looks like an belatexed escapee from a mid-eighties metal video and it all seems a bit DIY for something which claims some vague WETA heritage. It’s not as gory as the cover blurb would suggest (“Saw with Swastikas”? Get to f**k) and the only nudity is of the red demonic arse kind. If I wanted to see that, I’d buy a mirror and a phaal curry. In the meantime, don’t bother.

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