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Grud!! The original Dredd movie was one third good, ¬†two thirds absolute bollocks. The good? Mean Machine, the costumes and sets, that ABC warrior…thing. ¬†Bollocks? Well, everything else. This is one reboot that is genuinely justified, as we’re still waiting for a film adaptation that captures even a fraction of the black humour and subversive drama of the original comic strip. Here are some pics something nicked off empire. Can’t say I’m too impressed, but the fact that Alex Garland is writing the script gives me some hope, and Karl Urban as Dredd…well at least he wont have the movie-raping pull of a Stallone… “Uh wunt a comedy sidekick! And a luuve interest! Und a catchphrase! Und I want to take muh helmet off yuh? ‘I knew you’d say that!’ Good uh?”



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