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Call of Duty: Black Ops – New Map Pack – ‘Rezurrection’.

Published by in News on August 4th, 2011

Do you like Zombies? I SAID – DO YOU LIKE ZOMBIES SOLDIER??? – Good, cos your about to get a bucket load of em in ‘Rezurrection’ – the fourth Call of Duty Black Ops map pack – but thats pretty much all your getting, just zombies! There are no other multi player maps included in this, so that should piss off all of you hard core heads. But there’s lots here for the Zombie lovers. The big and only truly original map is ‘Moon’. This will have zombie spacers bouncing at ya while you use some new weapons to vaporise them -like the ‘Wave Gun’ that will cook em or the ‘Quantum Entanglement Device’ that uses quantum mechanics to either bless or curse the battle – whatever the fuck that means…?! There are also other new weapons, and even a new perk that will be announced in time. This is said to be the ‘climax’ of the zombie maps with the news blurb using phrases like ‘turn back the undead tide once and for all.‘ Is this the last Black Ops map pack? It would appear so! Maybe there will be a multi player only map pack later on… ?!? They do love to milk us like a bloated cow after all!

There are also four re-used ‘re-masterd’ maps for ‘COD World at War’ to go with ‘Moon’ -
‘Nacht der Untöten – Verrückt – Shi No Numa & Der Riese’. Some are Jungle based while others are Nazi environments as you will see in the screen shots below. We will bring you the vid when it becomes available.

For more information check the offical Call of Duty Black Ops page here.

As usual this will hit Xbox first on the 23rd of August. It will be the usual rip off price of 1200msp.

Personally I think its all a bit piss poor. If you love Zombies then that’s great, but to have no new multi player maps and to charge full price for this is truly trying to take advantage of the fan base – again. Iv always given praise to developers that support their games with DLC and I still tip my hat to Treyarch for this also, but it should be fair! They should really take a note out of Rockstar’s or Bethesda’s book, they know how to treat good DLC at good prices – Greedy Activision will end up eating itself by pissing off its fans if they don’t smarten up! Don’t you agree…?



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