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Elder Scrolls: Skyrim – The Collector’s Edition

For all you big spenders out there wondering which of this years big releases is worth spending a few more groats on when their collector editions arrive, Bioware have released details of what can be expected from the top of the shop version of the latest in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim.

As well as the game you’ll also get;

A 12″ tall statue of Alduin, the World Eater, made from high quality PVC and modeled on in game 3D files.

The Art of Skyrim Official Art Book, a stunning coffee table tomb (9″ by 12″ approx) which includes over 200 pages of full colour illustrations, sketches and models, showcasing the games environments, characters, weaponry and monsters. The forward is written by game director Todd Howard and the rest of the book includes various comments from the studios artists.

The Making of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a behind the scenes DVD covering the making of the game with interviews and insights into the story, setting, gamplay and the legacy of the Elder Scrolls series.

So, how much is the merry little bundle going to set you back? It’s not cheap that’s for sure with prices in the US coming in at around $149.99, in the EU 149.99 Euro (which insistently is how much money is in the bank accounts of both Italy and Greece at the moment), UK gamers will be expected to part with around £129.99 and the good people of Australia $199.99.

Appart from the art book we would question the logic of spending so much money on a plastic dragon statue and a DVD that will more than likely turn up on youtube within a week of the games release. Our advice is to wait and see what the other big hitting titles due for release this year will offer in terms of bang to buck ratio.

The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim is due for release on the 11th of November on Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

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