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‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ is Coming – to Consoles also!!

Published by in News on August 15th, 2011

I love Counter Strike, I love it so much that I had to give it up before I lost my life to it. So I got an Xbox instead and now I play lots of different titles, but I still pine for some good old CS. If only the two would combine… What?? They have!! OMFG! That’s right – Someone (Valve) has been listening to my prayers! I think I just wet myself… Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is to be released as a DLC game on Xbox Live, PSN, Mac and PC. This is not a CS2 game but more of a re-tweaked Counter Strike Source/1.6 addition.

It is said to have given its most famous maps a bit of a rebuild to bring them up to today’s quality standards along with the sound and general mechanics. The Portal 2 Source engine will be doing the back end work with even game-play modes getting a new coat of paint. Basically Valve are re-making Counter Strike! CS:GO will have some new weapons such as a heavy machine gun along with Molotov cocktails for tactical containment and a diversion grenade that makes the sound of gunfire in order to mess with campers and players ears in general. There will also be some other new additions to the arsenal but for now Valve are keeping most of the cards close to their bullet proof vest. What we do know is the maps – dust, dust2, inferno, nuke and de_train – are on the list and there are rumoured to be some brand new ones too. There will be at least two game mode types – Casual and Competitive modes. Also Valve have said they intend to mess with the weapons system a bit by adding a setting labeled ‘situational value’ – this allows ‘adjustable weapon variables’ so that each gun or rifle can be tweaked in effectiveness. With CS being a game of balances it will be tricky to change elements and keep that magic that only CS has in the multi-player shooter arena.

Valve have enrolled some of the CS communities top Pro players to play-test the current beta and will be opening it up (by invite only) to the wider CS community in the next few months. Apparently the play testers are very happy with what they have seen which is encouraging. The plan is to make it a global ‘e-games’ event title in the same way that Halo and Modern Warfare are. CS:GO will be on show to the public at the Pax Prime and Eurogamer Expo events. Modern Warfare, Battlefield and every other shooter out there better watch its ass because it looks like the grand daddy is coming back to town with giant butt kicking boots! You can read the complete news breaking interview form ESEA News here. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is due in early 2012 – if this doesn’t happen it really will be the end of the world – But it will happen – it frikin better!

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