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CVG and Reaper Gaming – A Feature of Taste!

Here at Reaper Towers we are not only game reporters, we are also fans of other sites. So when were were contacted by one of our favourite industry defining sites in order to feature Reaper Gaming we were greatly humbled and totally flattered. One of the planets longest running and most popular game publications Computer and Video Games or CVG do a feature every week on one of their favourite gaming sites, this time it is us! Ain’t that a kicker!?

I remember as a kid back in the 80′s getting my copy of C&VG magazine every month, usually with a free zx spectrum or Commodore 64 tape of a game (yes I said Tape!) and being so excited so that I would wait through nearly half an hour of loading times just so my computer could crash and I would have to start again, just to play a pixelated, three coloured game – but I loved it, as I imagine many of you out there did also! Then there were the re-printed pages of code that would take all day to type into my rubber buttoned keyboard, which of course never worked, probably due to an extra question mark or full stop that my pudgy digits added by accident – Good times and a real right of passage for any budding game head of the past. You kids these days don’t know how easy ya have it… (You will say that one day too ya know!)

Here we are decades later running our own little gaming kingdom so it is a real honour to be acknowledged by one of our heroes of the gaming press, so thank you ‘Mr. T’ over at  CVG. Personally I am very proud of the little team of eccentric misfits that we have rattling around the tower here and it is to them that any credit of recognition truly goes to (since they stole my whip I have to be nice to them anyway). The Reaper Crew and I hope all of you out there have the same impeccable taste as our buddies over at CVG have and we hope to keep a smile on your face long into the future. Long live CVG and long live Reaper Gaming! – The interview can be read here if you feel the need. As Arnie might say: Dooo eeet!! Doooo eeet now!!!

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  1. Marinda Shouts says:

    Thank you for a great post.

  2. hotshot bald cop says:

    I agree 100%

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