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Heres what German media think of GamesCom gamers…

Published by in Funnies on August 26th, 2011

For a country that likes to ban everything with a hint of offensiveness the German media are very quick to step on other peoples outlook! Check out the video below to see everyone take the piss out of gamers at GamesCom. I think the ‘Booth Babe’ is a particularly stuck up bitch, and considering the unfortunate freaks that were interviewed are basically keepin her in salad and manicure’s she should be a bit more ‘shut the fuck up’. That said, have you ever seen such a group of nerdy retards? Comon people, smarten up… stop making the rest of us look like fruit cakes. Most gamers are not like this and it kind of pisses me off to see us portrayed in this stereotypical ‘old’ view. I wish they had of interviewed me – Id have used my ninja skills to shove that camera up their arse! The channel responsible have since apologised… big deal! Anyway – enjoy.

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