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Gears of War 3 Season Pass Gets Release Date

This maybe a very personal take on modern gaming, but I always approach DLC through a suspicious squint and with a screwed up mouth, for nine times out of ten I find that after shelling out a fair chunk of cash on some extra content for a game, it was hardly worth the time let alone the moola. That’s not to say all DLC is bad, Oblivion’s added content had it moments as did Red Dead Redemption, but those clever publishers in the games industry have worked out a devilish plan to make sure they eke-out every penny from your pocket, how do they do this? There is are alot of different ways, but the two major forces that they apply are hype and tribalism, as they force particularly younger gamers to take one game or another as a banner for them to march under as they go to war on forums and message board to do battle with opposing fanboys/girls, armed with only phrases such as “your mum is gay” or “dude your a fag”.

Gears of War 3 is less than a month away from launch and inevitably there will be a plethora of added content that some of you will want to get your hands on. For Gears fans who will download DLC regardless of knowing what it is like before hand, Microsoft and Epic Games have announced the GoW Season Pass, which will be available on the day of the games release. The pass will allow gamers to purchase the first four added extras at a discount of 33% when they are released, although this figure is measured against the cost of purchasing each DLC individually, with the Season Pass itself costing 2400 Microsoft Points.

Although our belief is that this boils down to nothing more than yet another ploy to part gamers and their money, many of you may be interested and you’ll be able to be virtually mugged by MS and Epic on the 20th of next month.

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