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Final Destination 5 – death is a c**t

Back from the dead like a battered and partially drowned kitten here we have the latest entry to the eye-bulgingly eager to please Final Destination franchise. Early rumours of a darker and more serious approach turn out to be bollix and it’s the exact same old goofy cocktail of hilarious splatter, bad actors frowning and No Happy Endings. It’s the exact same formula as the previous 4 efforts…some earnest young person has a premonition of a horrible accident (in this case a bridge collapse) and does a runner along with enough other survivors to ensure a kill every 15 minutes of the film’s remaining running time.

The survivors are a fairly standard genre cross section – comedy geek, token black lad, woman with nice bottom, preppie with large eyebrows – and the scriptwriter scythes through them with agreeable bloodthirsty relish, only stumbling slightly with the late introduction of a strange new “Final Destination : Deathmatch” mode. As with all the movies, after the initial bloodbath we have to struggle through the survivors frowning and jumping to massive and credulity-stretching conclusions as they start being picked off in an unrandom manner.

The Heath Robinson/Rube Goldberg-style kills scenes are hilariously OTT and the combination of slightly iffy CG and gimped 3d have a highly entertaining ghost train effect (minus the smell of regurgitated candyfloss and abandoned children) All comes to surprisingly neat conclusion which ties in unexpectedly with the first film from 2000. Dust off those crappy plastic glasses you have left over from Avatar and get down to the local fleapit…what’s the worst that could happen?

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