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Friday Frugal Findings – 9th September 2011

This weeks biggest releases include a Zombie doubleheader, a hefty dose of invading aliens and the need to click around a screen to find an umbrella; as always we’re being you the best prices on each of them from across the net.

Dead Island; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – £32.00/$52.31/36.50 Euro
PS3 – £37.70/$60.43/43.00 Euro
PC – £29.99/$48.06/34.21 Euro (this price is from GAME and is for the Special Edition)

By now regular readers will know that we who dwell within Reaper Towers are massive Zombie-heads, we love the little rotting flesh bags, whether they appear in movies, books, TV series or comics, but what we really love is a Zombie game. There are very few things better than beheading a Shambler with a fire-axe or, if needs be, a butter knife, so as you can imagine we’ve been looking forward to this release from Deep Silver since we got our first glimpse of one of the best teaser trailers we’ve ever seen. Dead Island finds you in the middle of an outbreak on the beautiful tropical island of Banoi, lucky for you, your character of choice is immune to whatever is causing the inhabitants and holiday makers to turn into decomposing un-dead brain munchers, leaving you to find other survivors and escape the doomed holiday resort. With a blend of first person action, role-playing engrossment and survival horror, Dead Island is being compared to everything from Fallout 3 to Left 4 Dead and with initial reviews praising the multiplayer options, this is a game that should appeal to Zombie slaughterers everywhere.

Resistance 3; at Amazon UK

PS3 – £37.90/$60.71/43.24 Euro

Set in 1957, four years after the events of the second game in the series, the world resembles a cross between any given city centre filled with drunken alien beings on a Saturday night, or as I believe they are called the “yoof”, and a Richard Matheson novel. The United States has fallen to the Chimera and ninety percent of humanity have been massacred or forcibly mutated into the ranks of the other worldly invaders, with things looking grim and after a dishonourable discharge Sentinel Joseph Capelli has given up his fight against the invaders and joined the ranks of refugees with his wife and son, although as we know, a heroes life is never a quiet one and soon Capelli takes to the road once more on a quest to find a cure for the Chimera plague. Although this release has cranked up the terror and violence when compared to its predecessors and features a varied range of settings for multiplayer, it still remains to be seen if one of the few remaining Playstation exclusives can stand toe to toe with this years triple A FPS titles that are due to be released.

Warhammer 40k – Space Marine; at HMV

Xbox 360 – £37.49/$60.02/42.76 Euro
PS3 – £37.49/$60.02/42.76 Euro
PC – £28.99/$46.42/33.07 Euro

I have a love hate relationship with Games Workshop, there are few publishers that have taken their worlds across the entire range gaming platforms to such outstanding effects, everything from fantasy RP books to some brilliant computer games, with universes rich in lore and believability. Yet they irk me something ruthless in measure equal to that of my admiration, as over the years they have become greedier and greedier for the gamers hard earn cash, particularly when it comes to old school book players like myself and as well as releasing the licences for some royal stinkers in terms of video games, which should be enough to justify a bit of harsh chest poking for all involved. All of that aside, there have been some great games based on the various franchises and Space Marine is looking like it’s going to be a huge success. Both those familiar with the licence and those who are not, will surely enjoy a rich 3D world bathed in a healthy dose of ultra violence, as you cut through swathes of Ork and Forces of Chaos in a game which is driven by high octane action rather than duck and cover combat.

Star Fox 64 3D; at Best Buy

Nintendo 3DS – $39.99/£24.98/28.47 Euro

Those old enough to remember the original Star Fox all way back on the SNES will have many a warm feeling toward this all time classic and now you can relive those glory days of early 90’s gaming on Nintendo’s 3D handheld. This is actually a remake of Star Fox 64, which appeared on the N64 and for those who remember that release, this outing will feel very familiar indeed as it is a virtual carbon copy. For nostalgia fans and newcomers this is a chance to get to grips with a great shooter which now includes multiplayer options.

Gamers in Europe can find the best price at Amazon UK.

Rise of Nightmares; at Gamestation

Xbox 360 Kinect – £32.99/$52.83/37.62

More Zombie goodness is coming our way as “the first hardcore game for Kinect” is released today, from the same people who brought us the superbly shlocky House of the Dead series. From the early reviews it’s not looking like this release will be able to convince Kinect sceptics like myself that it’s a platform for the traditional gamer, with journalists already complaining about a tired style of gameplay as well as a poor control system, even the basics such as walking are severely hampered, so hampered in fact there is an auto move option which basically turns the game into a Rail-Slapper. The game’s biggest failing seems to be the use of the Microsoft Epileptic Simulator making the player feel disconnected from the horror and tension which any survival horror needs in bucket loads, leaving you with something that feels like a standard kids game filled with gore. We here at Reaper Tower take no pleasure in this failure, we never want to see anything that drives the gaming world forward fall at the first hurdle, but it may be best to wait for a significant price drop before picking this one up, which may not take to long to arrive.

Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident; at Play.com

Wii – £17.99/$28.79/20.62 Euro

Wii fanboys and girls should be weeping like orphans today as they cast a glance over these massive new releases on the other major platforms. This weeks major Wii release is another hidden object puzzler in the Mystery Case Files series, which have up till now only appear on the PC, usually found on those spinning racks of games that include the millionth incarnation of Mahjong. Nintendo have been floundering around over the last few months, which has had many gamers asking if the Wii is now nothing more than the most technologically advanced doorstop ever made.

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