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Friday Frugal Findings – 23rd September 2011

As the dark nights draw in and Autumn (Fall) begins to chill the air, why not spend this weekend with some tyre shredding action, some caged rage or a nice virtual model railway? All can be found in this weeks Friday Frugal Findings as Reaper Gaming bring you the best prices from across the web.

F1 2011; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – £36.20/$55.55/41.27 Euro
PS3 – £36.20/$55.55/41.27 Euro
PC – £29.53/$45.32/33.67 Euro

As the 2011 F1 season begins its final lap racing fans have a long dark winter, void of zooming cars and glamorous pit girls, ahead of them. Thankfully gamers amongst the ranks of fans of the worlds most pointless sport (although golf tries exceedingly hard to take this title) can while away some of those empty weekends burning rubber in the latest instalment in the F1 series from Codemasters. This years outing features 2 new tracks in India and Germany, as well as new rules, tyres and drivers.

Supremacy MMA; at Amazon UK (includes exclusive Bao Quach character unlock)

Xbox 360 – £33.91/$52.10/38.66 Euro
PS3 – £33.91/$52.10/38.66 Euro

For those who don’t know MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, or in laymen’s terms punching, kicking and generally beating the stuffing out of some poor sap. In this title you take your place in the illegal underground fighting circuit, in a game which boasts fast arcade action, online multiplayer options and a story mode for you to get to grips with, although we get the feeling it is hardly going to be of Spielberg quality. There are always smart-arses like me who at this point would make a double edged quip about the homoeroticism found in these types of goings on and also how I wouldn’t be brave enough to say the same thing to one of the burley participants, but the Dev’s have cut me off at the pass with this one by adding female fighters. For some reason I find this event more troubling than the blatant man on man action that is afoot. Possibly one for a Friday night after 12 pints in the local watering hole with your best “blokey” chums.

Child of Eden; at GAME

Xbox 360 Kinect – £22.99/$35.32/26.21 Euro

Described as a “multi-sensory shooter” Child of Eden has somewhat undersold itself in terms of marketing. What it should have been billed as is a cross between a night on Acid and being locked inside a Screensaver. This is a title that is more like an experiment into the future of video gaming rather than something that will grab you by the pants like an overzealous cartoon dog, as you flow through a trippy lightshow using your arms to take out bad guys. Worth considering if you looking for something new or a family friendly title, however it will burned its esoteric visuals on to your retina’s like a faded tattoo.


Super Mario Galaxy; at GameStop

Wii – $19.99/£13.00/14.82 Euro

It is hard to believe that Super Mario Galaxy is almost 4 years old, yet despite this it is still one of the shining lights on the Wii. With all the silliness and fun you would expect from a Mario game as well as excellent graphics and brilliant a soundtrack, the appearance on the Nintendo Select range makes this a classic that is well worth firing up that Wii you’ve up to now been using as a paper weight.



Railworks3 – Train Simulator 2012; at Amazon UK

PC – £17.91/$27.58/20.40 Euro

And this weeks new big release is… (drum roll please) … a virtual train set. Look, I don’t have anything against people who have train sets, alright so maybe I do, yet I’m no one to talk, I still have all my Star Wars action figures and not those shitty ones that have been brought out over the last decade, I mean the proper ones, although I am somewhat bitter I never owned the Millennium Falcon. I digress, if you are so inclined to spending your free time transporting freight and disgruntled passengers from A to B then the 2012 edition of Railworks3 offers cutting edge graphics, 16 locomotives, 70 scenarios to play through and a world editor to create new routes. I offer this final thought to you before you rush to the shops to get you hands on this game, the equivalent of Satan in 1980’s music owns the most expensive miniature railway set in the world. Is Pete Waterman really the type of individual you wish to be associated with?

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