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New Slipknot Rock Band DLC

Published by in News on September 24th, 2011


Now some of you have gone ‘yes’ with just reading the title, some have gone slip-who? And some have gone – oh no! As a cold shiver runs down your spine. But none the less Harmonix are releasing four new finger melting vocal scorching tracks from metal masters Slipknot to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the bands 2001 album “Iwoa”

The songs include:

“Wait and Bleed” from their 1999 self titled debut album

“Left Behind” from Iowa

Pulse of the Maggots” from Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)

“Snuff” from  All Hope is Gone.

Each track will cost US$ 1.99 / 160 MS Points / 200 Wii Points while the  “Slipknot Pack 02” will set you back US$ 5.49 on all three platforms. As always, songs marked with an “X” will include Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions for US$ 0.99 per song.

The residents at Reaper Towers are frantically hiding all the rock band instruments they can find before the 27th September rolls around.




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