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Friday Frugal Findings – 21st October 2011

Where else on the internet can you find an article which contains references to Bert from Mary Poppins, Frederick Nietzsche and Mario? Only here at Reaper Gaming and within the rambling drunken shambles that is Friday Frugal Findings, where we bring you the best prices from around the web.


Batman: Arkham City; at Amazon UK

Xbox – 360 £37.89/$59.82/43.42 Euro
PS3 – £34.97/$55.22/40.07 Euro
PC – £24.97/$39.44/28.61 Euro

The one Batfan’s have been waiting for is out in Europe today and it is going to be an absolute barnstormer. After their battle at Arkham Asylum the Joker has taken his to the streets of the city to strike terror into the hearts of the law abiding citizens. This title is bringing us some of the big names that did not appear in the last outing including Catwoman (who by the looks of her owes more to Michelle Pfeiffer than Julie Newmar, who just turned 78 by the way) and my personal favourite The Penguin, voiced by Nolan North, who seems to have gone for a Dick Van Dyke/Bert from Mary Poppins “Cockney” accent, which I’m sure will have “It’s a Jolly Holiday” swimming around my head every time he makes an appearance. Gameplay will feel familiar to fans of the last game, with features such as Detective Mode and general stealthy-ness being prominent, as well as the gadgets which where obtained from the asylum, there are however some new additions including ice grenades and smoke pellets to help you take down the bad guys. Arkham City is one of those triple A titles that looks like it might just live up to the hype and is our pick of the week.


Ubisoft Classics; at Amazon

PC – £11.34/$17.91/13.00 Euro

There is another PC release this week that may have made this addition of FFF, however after weeks of pointing out why the PC is no longer the gamers number one platform of choice we decided not to include it, just in case you thought we enjoyed giving the once great platform a kicking week in week out. What’s the game you ask? It’s not important… Alright, if you really want to know it’s Farming Simulator 2011. Lets not mention it again. The star of new releases this week on PC is a cracking little collection which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the founding of the mighty Ubisoft and offers incredible value for money. This little box of beauties contains five absolute classic games which include a couple of platformers, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Rayman 3, the action killing-fest Assassin’s Creed, gun toting jungle based action shooter Far Cry and the sublime, yet Nietzsche free despite its title, Beyond Good and Evil. Each of these titles is worth the price-tag alone but with the five titles working out at under £2.30 per one, you would be a fool not to snatch this one up.


Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition; at Gamestation

Xbox 360 – £25.99/$41.10/29.82 Euro

When Red Dead Redemption was released it was an instance hit with the Reaper Crew and is still held in extremely high esteem. If you haven’t played it yet this is the perfect opportunity to do so with a boxet which includes all of the DLC that has been available. For the full low down on the game be sure to check Reaper’s review of this brilliant release.


Super Mario 3D Land; at Gamestop

3DS – $39.99/£25.31/29.00 Euro

Do you remember the start of the epic 2001: A Space Odyssey, with the big black monolith and the apes? Well, a little known fact which was passed on to me by our film guru and collector of exclusive etchings of “gentleman’s special interest” Master Gii Bag, that being that if you pause the movie at just the right second you can see of at the bottom left of the said black brick, a copy of Super Mario Bros. As we know Film never lies to us and ergo, we can put forth the hypothesis that Mario has been around since the Dawn of Time, in fact given that the moustachioed plumber first appeared in Donkey Kong, I will go further and say that he may be older than the universe itself. That was a very convoluted way of pointing out that there have been a hell of a lot of Mario games over the last 30 years give or take and for old war horses of the gaming world like myself, its hard to get excited about yet another game in the franchise, but Nintendo are throwing the dice on yet another, in some vain hope that it will save their flagging 3DS platform. There is not much that can be said that hasn’t been said before about nearly every Mario release, it’s a platformer, but this time its in 3D. That’s about it really, apart from its out in the second week of November.


Stunt Flyer – Hero of the Sky (includes Wii Flightstick); at Amazon UK

Wii – £22.95/$36.29/26.33 Euro

One for the kiddiewinks and/or stoners amongst you, it’s a cartoon mini game at heart where you fly plains through hoops and the like, plus it comes with a flight stick controller.

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