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Friday Frugal Findings – 28th October 2011

This weeks FFF features Edwin Starr’s views on war, a less than well endowed treasure hunter and the chance to do a virtual version of a mind numbingly boring job over and over again, as Reaper Gaming brings you the best gaming prices from across the internet.


Battlefield 3 – Limited Edition; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – £38.71/$62.33/44.07 Euro
PS3 – £38.71/$62.33/44.07 Euro
PC – £32.99/$53.12/37.54 Euro (From Play.com)

“I said, war, huh, Good God, y’all, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” That’s what Edwin Starr thinks at least, but then again that sounds like a man who hasn’t experienced the thrill of this generations immersive FPS combat simulators. Battlefield is back and is looking rather pleasing indeed with the addition of the all new Frostbite 2 system, which has improved lighting, audio, destruction and scale which should make the player feel more connected to the environment. The multiplayer features of the Battlefield series have always been the games major strength and this years edition will now include Fighter Jets, I know, that must be worth the purchase price alone. With it’s setting sprawling the globe, from the US, to the Middle East and Europe there is going to be more than enough to keep any sofa solider with an itchy trigger finger happy and with the limited edition you also get the Back to Karkland expansion gratis. We are Oscar Mike.


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception; at Play.com

PS3 – £38.89/$62.64/44.24 Euro

This is a rather personal view point I know, but I really can’t stand Drake. Don’t get me wrong I love the Uncharted games, it’s just our hero comes across as a massive swaggering bell-end, the type you find in bars that after a sniff of anything stronger than an a glass of white wine and lemonade starts groping at women and wanting to fight the littlest bloke he can find, in an effort to make up for his micro-penis. The type of chap who thinks not only is it acceptable to dance but also use a stall in the toilets when there are spaces at the urinals. My prejudices aside, Uncharted titles have always been the number one exclusives on the PS3 and the third in the series see Nathan “Tiny Knob” Drake back in action following in the footsteps of T.E. Lawrence, with some familiar faces along the way as well as all the puzzle and gun play we’ve come to expect. The game has had some stellar reviews and is definitely not to be missed by fans of the franchise.


Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football; at Gamestop

Wii – $19.99/£12.39/14.11 Euro

I admit I have no idea who Jerry Rice is, or Nitus for that matter, but dogs playing football?! Well done America, you’re way ahead over that side of the pond, we salute you.




House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut; at GAME

PS3 – £29.99/$48.37/34.14 Euro

Did someone say Zombie B-Movies? Gah now you’re talking! A big hit with the Reaper Crew when first it arrived on the Wii (come to think of it one of the very few things I’ve played all the way through on Nintendo’s stick waving abomination) House of the Dead: Overkill is seeing a kind of re-release on PS3 in an extended edition which includes two new levels focusing on the back story of Varla Guns and a new character, a certain Candi Stryper, as well as rendering the whole title in shiny HD and even 3D for those of you with a TV that has the feature, although if you do own such an device you’ve more money than sense and should be made to wear a pointy hat with a D on it when you go out in public. With it being a new release it will cost you a fair old chunk of change to get your hands on a copy for what looks like not much new content, so if you’re going to hold out for a price drop why not have look at the original on the Wii which you can pick up and most stores for less than 10 of your currency of choice (unless your currency of choice is Turnips, which I believe at today’s exchange rates work out at about one Turnip to a Grote).


Woodcutter Simulator 2011; at Amazon UK

PC – £9.76/$15.75/11.12 Euro

I promise you this is not something I asked Deadman not knock up on Photoshop for me, it is merely another in a very long line of mind boggling simulators that really defy reason or rhyme. Although at least it doesn’t bullshit you, I’ll give it that much, it does exactly what it says on the box, yes Dear Reader now you can spend your gaming time cutting down virtual trees and turning them into virtual planks of wood. Personally I’m holding on to my money until the much anticipated Shelf Stacker Simulator arrives. “Clean up in aisle 5.”

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