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10 of the Most Terrifying Games for Halloween

Halloween is here again which always bring much revelry to Reaper Towers, filled with chills, spills and chocolate. This year instead of venturing out into the inky darkness, why not scare yourself in the comfort of your own lair as we take a look at some of our favourite terrifying games. Happy Halloween…

Dead Space 1 & 2

Master Gii Bag is no skirt wearing Jessie by any stretch of the imagination, his screening room in Reaper Towers is littered with old movie props and film reels that would make even the hardiest of souls retch and flee to their mother’s breast for comfort, but even he of the dark art of film has pointed out that the Dead Space titles rack up the tension to such extremes that they are almost unbearable, if not near unplayable at times, particularly when using headphones. A combination of dimly lit corridors and wave upon wave of screaming un-dead plague riddled alien zombies, the Necromorphs, that will go as far as to pull you through walls into a hollowing bloody demise, makes these games heart stopping-ly terrifying.

Half-Life 2

Still one of the shining lights of the FPS genre, Half Life 2 is able to provided the fear factor even after all this time, with the Ravenholm level regarded as one of the all time horror game experience. An abandoned town filled with zombies that seem to appear from nowhere are only part of the perils that await you as you must avoid hidden traps that have been laid by the deranged ‘Father Grigori’ who is intent on protecting his “Flock”. With every building, bush and alleyway teaming with potential threats Ravenholm is the setting of an all time classic horror playable area.

Silent Hill Series

It’s an old story, a creepy abandoned town with cults and scary monsters , but it’s also so much more. Resident Evil may fancy itself as the number one in Japanese Survival horror, but we’re here to tell you that’s bollocks, because if you’re really looking to have your wits strangled, take a trip to Silent Hill. There are a smorgasbord of terrifying moment throughout the games but the standouts have to be monster on monster rape, Robbie the Rabbit and of course the now staple of Halloween costumes everywhere – Pyramid Head. There are few games that come close to the immersive nature of Silent Hill, just remember – it’s only a game… it’s only a game…

Alan Wake

More ham acting than Laurence Olivier wearing a costume made of bacon and a hat made of cow, yet this doesn’t slow down the thrills found in Remedy Entertainments physiological thriller, Alan Wake. Wondering around a forest while big lads made of shadow hunting you down with chainsaws should be enough to set the hairs on the back of your neck to the upright position as well as the ancient evil that is using our hero as a way to escape its watery prison. A game that knows its creepy history, crammed full with homage to both the sci-fi and horror genre, Alan Wake will leave you with the feeling that you’d better check just how many batteries you have in the house, because one day you might just need them.

Left 4 Dead – The Witch

Ok, we all know zombie apocalypse type scenarios frighten the be-Jesus out of some people, not us though – in fact we kind of look forward to it, although there is one proviso, on no account should The Witch from Left 4 Dead be knocking about. After a number of patches the Witch is now somewhat more forgiving as she will only attack the player who “agroed” her, rather than gutting the entire team. However she is still one of the most panic inducing freaks you are ever likely to come across. With her sharp claws and incessant weeping, you may just want to tip-toe around The Witch like a cartoon burglar. Dink’ Dink’

Alien Vs Predator

Fear had a helping hand when it came to this release back in 1994, due to the limitation of that generation of hardware, as when something was in your tail you had no earthly idea that you where about to become prey for Aliens until the flash of red and the horrific scream that would ensue. Even with a motion tracker, your nerves where still shooting those electrical primitive warnings around your brain, as the beeping telling you that a foe was about only acted like violins in a Slasher movie. Behind every blind turn lurked the potential to have your faced ripped off, leaving an impression on us nearly 20 years later.

System Shock 2

In space no one has ice-cream… Hang on, let me rethink that, ah it’s ‘no one can hear you scream’, that makes more sense. After waking up on a space station which has seen better days and is now filled with all kind of unspeakable horrors which you must survive, the nearest thing you have to an ally is a malevolent AI name SHODAN. If System Shock 2 taught us anything, then it has to be that – it’s not always good to have friends.

The 7th Guest

A Faustian tale with a pinch of Agatha Christie “who done it”? Narrative made The 7th Guest seem like nothing else we had seen before. A puzzler which pushed both the technological standards of its day and the metal of its players made this one of the finest of its time with a gripping story around the death of child killer and those who had come to visit his spooky mansion – feel the shivers up your spine!? Although now showing its age like a $5 whore, this is still an all time fright classic.


Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

Although little known in its time outside of the more bespoke gamers of the Gamecube, ‘Eternal Darkness’ messed with your head more than any other game. Possibly the most successful of any title sucking at the tentacled teat of the works of H.P. Lovecraft, this release saw Nintendo go as far as to patent the “Sanity Meter” which, if dropped to low would break the forth wall and start fucking with you just for giggles by turning down the volume, turning the screen black and other twisted outcomes that felt like you had somehow bought a game that was dragging hell into your living room. A truly astonishing feat in horror gaming history.


Doom 3

There was a mighty leap from the second Doom to its third incarnation. The much improved graphics meant that all those beasts from the very bowels of hell that we knew and loved were even more intimidating than before. With incredible lighting effects and ghouls and fiends jumping out on you from every possible hidden point, Doom 3 makes sure that not only will your heart be I your mouth, you’ll be trying to hold it in with your teeth.



Reaper: Scary games are my favourite! In a way they are the new ‘Horror movie’… Look at RDR’s Undead Nightmare – Zombies, monsters, spooky settings and a big lashing of B-movie style. It’s the dogs rotting bollox!

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