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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Trailer

Published by in News on November 2nd, 2011

I remember back to when there was a buzz about this ‘new game’ set in an open world alien planet that had swords, guns and vehicles. ‘Halo’ was coming to the PC! It was all very exciting at the time… then it was released without the swords, and it wasn’t all that ‘open’ worldly – and it wasn’t on the PC either. It was lost in the either for quite some time while games like ‘Tribes’ filled the void. Then came the news that it was to be the ‘Jesus’ title for this new ‘xbox’ thingy that was being released by Microsoft. Pfft, Microsoft? Making console games? And a console? Meh! – That’s how many felt at the time – heathens! Personally I was delighted, I was familiar with some of Bungies other games from the PC, such as Oni and in particular one of my favourite games ever – Myth (one and two). So I just knew that Halo was a horse worth backing, and boy was I right! Though I had wished for it to be a PC title at the time, it turns out that it did something for console gaming that would have been lost on the PC – it made FPS accessible and fashionable. When Halo did eventually land on the Xbox, it was pretty impressive. Despite what people say, it wasn’t the first good console shooter, nor was it superbly original in its basic concept of Human v Alien, most elements of the game had been done many times before. What it did have was a new way of balancing weaponry, a nice cinematic feel along with some interesting characters and some sweet visuals for its time. Halo had the X factor – It was a success. Split-screen multi-player made it even more impressive and for those with enough dedication, system linking consoles provided a limited but enjoyable deathmatch experience.

That was ten years ago and I imagine that there are many of you gamers out there that were soiling your nappy while the RG crew and I got drunk and played Halo split-screen on a Friday night – well now it’s your turn to get drunk and shoot your friends in this classic, plus you will have the opportunity to do it in great detail thanks to a complete visual overhaul. If you’re feeling retro you can flick between old and new visuals whenever you like… nice novelty but I recon sticking to the modern setup will be more enjoyably, it’s not 2001 anymore ya know. Many of you newer Halo players will also get to experience the original multi-player maps, which some of the hardcore players maintain are the best to date – hmm, really?! All the online action will be coated with the ‘Halo Reach’ treatment, so it will feel very up to date. Master Chief is coming in sexy HD in just a few weeks on the 15th of November – Enjoy the trailer below and – Get ready to start the fight! See what I did there… eh? Ah, forget it…

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