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Gears of War 3 – DLC Details. Horders…

Published by in News on November 2nd, 2011

How are we enjoying Gears of War 3 kiddies? Are we loving the chainsaw ass-kicking? I sure hope so because theres more additions coming in the form of DLC, in-fact the first pack is here already for download. If you got the Buy Before You Try Rip Off Deal ‘Gears of War 3 – Season Pass’ then allot of the coming DLC will be of no extra charge (the first four DLC packs). Apparently this will save you 30% compared to if you bought them all individually – Have to say I am totally and fundamentally opposed to this type of deal and quite disappointed in Epic using such tactics to milk gamers… but that rant is for another day. For now lets just accept the status quo and move on to the important bits – Whats in the DLC packs and when do we get our grubby paws on it. Well, here is the official word:

Tuesday, Nov. 1 – “Horde Command Pack” – 800 Microsoft Points
Pack includes:
•         New Horde fortification upgrades – Command Center, Decoy upgrade, Sentry upgrade, Silverback upgrade
•         Exclusive playable characters – Bernie Mataki, Big Rig Dizzy, Onyx Guard
•         Exclusive weapon skins – Team Plasma, Jungle Camo
•         New multiplayer maps – Azura, Rustlung, Blood Drive
•         New Achievements worth 250 Gamescore

Thursday, Nov. 24 – “Versus Booster Map Pack”– FREE
Includes five explosive maps for competitive multiplayer – Swamp, Clocktower, Azura, Rustlung and Blood Drive – available in public matchmaking playlists powered by dedicated servers.

Tuesday, Dec. 13 – “RAAM’s Shadow” – 1200 Microsoft Points
Delivers more than three hours of new campaign gameplay set in a storyline that precedes the events of the first “Gears of War,” as well as six new multiplayer characters, the Chocolate Weapon Set and new Achievements worth an additional 250 Gamerscore – along with the ability to play as Zeta Squad, elite Locust enemies, or RAAM, one of the series’ most legendary Locust bosses.

So there ya go… overall not too bad actually – especially the ‘Free’ pack – five maps is pretty sweet – Thank you Epic. Love the fact that they have also done a single player based add-on, even if it is way over priced. (No wonder we’re saving 30% – it’s like putting up the prices before announcing a sale). I will be getting some of this DLC because it looks fun, cant wait to be RAAM and squash some Gear-Heads, splat! Might wait for the sale price in a few months though as Im not fond of being
ripped-off. Anyway, enjoy the trailer below for the ‘Horde Command Pack’ and keep your eyes peeled for more DLC details on the Horizon – I reckon there’s plenty to come! Chhh-Chinkg $$$£££


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