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GTA V – Trailer Hot Off the Press!!

Published by in News on November 2nd, 2011

Holy Janey-Mac, it’s the trailer for GTA V – Wet your pants! Go…
It’s official, we’re going to Vinewood and San Andreas – or LA in reality. It seems to have all you would expect from a GTA game – cars, choppers, planes, guns, explosions and a healthy lashing of violent humour. Is that Ray Liotta (Tommy Vercetti) on the voice over? Hmmm…
It’s a full running trailer with full gameplay, no cheapo rub off montage crap here – thank you Rockstar – Thank you!!


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  1. The game looks great. Now all we need is a release date. I typed in gtav.com and its a website with information on grand theft auto 5. Is that rockstar games fan site for the game? They have some good details about GTA V. Anyways the graphics looked pretty good and it has me excited!

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