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Friday Frugal Findings – 4th November 2011

Are you cold? Are hobos and tramps in a stronger financial position than you? Do you struggle with ontological questions such as; if this reality is only that of a shared understanding and thus nothing is truly real, then why is are the utility companies insisting I pay these bills? Then you’ve come to the right place, huddle around the warming glow of your console or PC and check out the best prices on some gaming treats from across the internet.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – £39.87/$63.89/46.17 Euro
PS3 – £39.87/$63.89/46.17 Euro
PC – £34.91/$55.94/40.69 Euro

Only four days to go until the latest Modern Warfare kicks the front door in and blinds us with flash bangs of war torn goodness and from what we have seen across trailers, screenshots and sneaky peaks of gameplay it’s going to be good, really good in fact. The single player campaign will pick up directly from MW2 with Russia giving out an all mighty kick to the global stones, with its invasion spreading from the US to Europe. It has always been the multiplayer options which have kept MW3 at the top of its game and this years edition has seen various tweaks which should keep all you sofa entrenched soldiers more than happy. A candidate for being the biggest game of the year before it launch with every single outing, figures crossed it will live up to the hype.


Blackwater; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 Kinect – £24.99/$40.06/29.12 Euro

Blackwater appeared at this years E3 and it’s a bit of an odd bird. At its core it’s a Kinect rail shooter which doesn’t look very impressive, holding with a bog standard narrative of military operation in the third world as you hold imaginary weapons like a 6 year old in a school playground. What is surprising about this release from Zombie Studios is just how physical the game is, even for a Kinect release. Although this is not suppose to be or at least not billed as a fitness game, there is one hell of an amount of jumping about and ducking behind the coffee table to be done if you want to work your way through it. Some of the criticism has been down right harsh with certain hacks referring to Blackwater as “a step backwards for Kinect” and even an “insult to gamers”, if truth be told neither of those statements seem to be that wide of the mark, with very average graphics and doing little to push the idea of Microsoft’s Seizure Simulator as being the future of gaming, it is hard to tell what Blackwater is for really. If however your looking to relive boyhood (or girlhood, not being sexist it’s just not many of the girls at my school played Army, they where throwing bouncy balls against walls and doing handstands and cartwheels if I remember right) days of fighting with invisible guns and scuffing your knees Blackwater might just be for you, but to get that true experience I would suggest turning the sound off and making your own gun noises. Pi-ow-nn!


SingStar: Back to the 80’s; at Play.com

PS3 – £14.99/$24.07/17.45 Euro

I’m not sure if this is a universal observation or not, but if one ventures out into the night in any given city it seems to be full of massive knob-heads who upon sight provide a strong case for mass extermination. A little unfair, probably, but then again if I found my other humanoids even slightly tolerable I wouldn’t be sitting in this dank basement would I? I’d be out there with them, pissing and fucking strangers in alleyways, vomiting outside of fast food outlets and posing existential questions to passers by such as “Are you looking at my bird?!” I say avoid all of that and stay home with extreme quantities of alcohol and sing along to music you normally wouldn’t listen to in a fit. SingStar: Back to the 80’s includes tracks from the Beastie Boys, Heart and is worth getting just to give your best rendition of Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You from on hit wonder Glenn Medeiros.


Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It; Amazon UK

Wii – £24.99/$40.09/29.08 Euro

Christmas is not far way and although it is the most joyous time of the year for many of us there is still that inevitable moment, usually after you have consumed twice your bodyweight in food and booze, where one finds oneself trapped in a room with people you wouldn’t spend time with if you had any say in the matter. This year why not take a sledgehammer or in this case more accurately a Wii remote to that atmosphere of mild loathing and play a classic family game with a bit of a twist. This imagining of Trivial Pursuit includes all new question and categories ranging from Video Games to Slang and has everyone involved during each round as you bet against other players that you know the answers.

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