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The World of Skyrim & Making Of – Trailers

Published by in News on November 9th, 2011

If you can pry your eyes away from Modern Warfare 3 long enough to blink, then you will be ready for the next big thing to drop this month – Skyrim. This game looks set to take single player lovers and RPG fans to new levels of ecstasy. It is a massive game that will take most of us months if not longer to get through. By gum it will be a fun experience though! I hear the players guide for this is as thick as Paris Hilton’s head! Check out the two videos below, the first will give you a flavour for the world to come and the second is part of the ‘Making of’ DVD that is in the special edition of the game. Happy adventuring my barbarian buddies – and don’t forget to pay your electrical bill while in the world of Oblivion – or you really will be back in the dark ages! ‘Ba-dum… tish’


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