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Xbox.com Updating this Week

Microsoft will be updating their Xbox.com site over the next few days, in preparation for the new Xbox 360 dashboard, which will be arriving in the near future. The layout will mirror the look of the forthcoming dashboard, so you will get to try it out and come to the conclusion that you liked the previous 2 versions better, even before it hits your console.

“My Xbox” is being superceded by the new “Social” section, and you’ll get to see the new ‘Beacons’ feature, which is going to be implemented in to Xbox Live. With it you’ll be able to set a Beacon for a title that you want to play with others, and leave descriptions with them like, “Available to play between 9pm & 12am”, or “Don’t join me if you are a screaming, socially maladjusted teen!” You can have 3 active beacons at any one time, and you’ll also be alerted to friends playing titles that you’ve set a Beacon for on your Xbox 360, but that won’t happen until after the next System Update goes live.

There is also something about being able to browse the Zune video catalog and purchase movies and TV shows to watch later on your Xbox 360, Windows Phone, or Zune media player, blah, blah, blah… but I dozed off by that stage. I just hope they ditch that scrolling silverlight panel thing on the current main page that contains your friends avatars, interspersed with annoying adverts. Very messy.

Anyway, get the full story here: Xbox.com: Enhanced! New Social & Video Sections


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