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Friday Frugal Findings – 18th November 2011

After last weeks absence FFF is back with five of the very best prices for some of the biggest releases from around the internet, including crime, green elf hats, mouse ears and dragon bones, which are five of the ingredients found in a Cosmopolitan incidentally.


Saints Row: The Third; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 – £37.99/$59.93/44.44 Euro
PS3 – £37.97/$59.89/44.41 Euro
PC – £29.99/$47.31/35.07 Euro

Possibly this years most over the top and just plain daft title to be released, the third in the Saints Row series sees our loveable bunch of rouges, or as the police might call them murders, drug dealers and rapscallions, return and set their “business” expanding strategies toward a brand new city. Fans of the series will rejoice to have this high camp romp back and for those of you needing to calm your itch for an open world crime orientated game, this should keep you going until further news on GTA V arrives.


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword; at Play.com

Wii – £34.90/$55.03/40.77 Euro

I don’t know if it’s true, but I am told that the number of Zelda games is almost on par with that of grains of sand in the Gobi Desert, which I can believe. Thankfully most of the releases over the past 143 years have been pretty dang good and the latest, Skyward Sword, is promising to bring fans something a little different, with the introduction of full motion controller support on the Wii. Despite promises that this is a revolutionary addition to the Link based franchise, it really boils down to more of the same and there is nothing wrong with that, as few other releases have managed to blend RPG, puzzler and platformer action together to such memorable effect. Ones own mother went and bought herself a Wii this week on the basis of this release, at least when she’s finished it she can use it to prop the shed door open with when gardening.


Kinect Disneyland Adventures; at Amazon UK

Xbox 360 Kinect – £32.70/$51.71/38.25 Euro

Timse where hard when I was but a child, yes the Recondite household had seen bleak days when I was growing up. There was very little money around, given my fathers addiction to pork scratchings (or pork rinds if you prefer) and his continued insistence that the only way to take on liquids was via a Soda Stream. All of this meant the nearest I ever got to Disneyland was staring at a picture on a class mates Mickey Mouse lunch box. That was all a very long time ago and although times are just as hard now for many of us, through the wonders of technology you can bring Disney to your own living room with this collection of mini games and other cool stuff from Frontier Developments. For the full experience it is worth spending a few extra coins on employing a few rotund people to waddle around your home while eating massive quantities of junk food and forcing you to stand in line to use the bathroom.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; at Gamestop

Xbox 360 – $59.99/£39.99/44.45 Euro
PS3 – $59.99/£39.99/44.45 Euro
PC – $59.99/£39.99/44.45 Euro

When Skyrim landed in a blaze of fire last week, I wasn’t here, I had been dispatched on a mission to “restock” the rooms of “gentlemen’s special interests” on the upper floors of Reaper Towers after Blind Side sauntered into the Great Room to announced he had “depleted our resources quite significantly” in the manner of a Romantic poet. Enough waffle, stop reading and go and buy this game, if you purchase nothing else this year you must get your hands on this, it is truly staggering. Go on, off you go, sell a kidney if you have to but make sure you get it. Your not missing anything here, this is the point where I find something shit on the PC and take the piss, really your better off hot footing it to get a copy of one of the best titles to appear in the last 30 years.


Ski Region Simulator; at Amazon UK

PC – £23.91/$37.76/27.95 Euro

Excalibur Games have done it again, yes the folks who brought you the tedium of Delivery Truck Simulator and Pro Farm 1 are bringing you another opportunity to simulate someone’s under paid shitty job, so you don’t have to think about yours! This time we’re off to some snowy mountains to make sure some virtual posh-ists can hurtle down a slope and with any luckk end up with a serious spinal injury. I wish I hadn’t said that, Excalibur will have an idea for some kind of wheel chair simulator off the back of that.

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