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New Dizzy Release Remake of Classic for iOS


Yesterday we brought you a teaser trailer from that old warhorse Codemasters hinting at the return of everyone’s favourite video gaming egg, Dizzy. Rather surprisingly not 24 hours later further details including a release date have been announced. It seem what many had expect is true, the first Dizzy outing in 20 years is set to be a remake of the 1991 classic Dizzy: Prince of The Yolkfolk which will be available from the 9th of December on Android, iPad and iPhone.

The gaming hit series which as created by the Oliver brothers, Philip and Andrew seem rather happy to see their cult character making a 21st century return;

“It always astounds us what a loyal fan base Dizzy still has, even after all these years people remember Dizzy fondly and it’s great to see him return for his older fans and introduce him to a new generation of gamers.”

If your thought tube is crammed with multiple fond memories of Dizzy or your just to darn young to remember these brilliant old school puzzlers make sure you take this opportunity to find out why a Dizzy game is still some of the best fun that can be had with an oval.

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