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Is Tom Six the next Da Vinci?

You know that name! Why, it’s only the director of the infamous Human Centipede duology. Not only is he great at making movies about humans being surgically gastricopolated through the anarse, but also does a passable impression of an educationally subnormal 12 year old with a paintbrush and his hairy hands down his weirdo pants.

For a paltry 1o grand (p+p not included) you too can pick up a Tom Six magnum opus like “Earwax Sandwich” or “Anal Birth” , works of transcendent mongery that must have taken literally minutes to create. So get your bank details ready and pop over to¬†www.paintfartsbytomsix.com, give this crazy dutchman your money because he deserves it more than you do…for schure guy!

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