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Friday Frugal Findings – 25th November 2011

This weeks Friday Frugal Findings has been written under much hardship. When I arrived in my lab this morning the place was in total disarray, of course that could have been due to the amount of Deadman’s lethal cocktails downed the night before, yet I didn’t remember ordering monkeys from anywhere. That’s right, my entire work place has been taken over by chimps. Something’s a foot here…

The deals on offer this week include, top hats, deadly rings, face punching, Sweden, and feathers.

Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call; at Play.comNintendo DS – £27.69/$42.96/32.17 Euro

I’ve got a thing for top hats, nothing sordid you understand I just think they’re rather dapper and there are very few people who can wear one with such aplomb as the good Professor Layton. For those of you who have been living in a cave or don’t really take any interest in DS titles, the Professor Layton series are blend of logic puzzles and well written stories, this the 4th title to get a release outside of Japan is set three year before The Curious Village and explore how the Professor first met Luke. Fans of the equally enjoyable Ace Attorney series should be sure to take a look at this franchise.


Lord of the Rings: War in the North; at Gamestation

Xbox 360 – £37.99/$58.88/44.19 Euro
PS3 – £34.99/$54.22/40.69 Euro
PC – £27.99/$43.39/32.55 Euro

Saint Peter Jackson is currently beavering away on the movie adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s Hobbit, where the whole Lord of the Rings juggernaut began and evidently upon its release, which is slated for next year, there will be a whole host of tie in games around for those Middle Earth lovers to get their hands on. The truth is Lord of the Rings titles have never really gone out of production or fashion especially after Jackson had at turning the greatest work of fantasy literature into 3 films. The latest offering from Snowblind Studios sounds quite interesting, including characters and locations which maybe those unfamiliar with Tolkien’s larger body of work. In essence this is an over the shoulder action adventure which has received mixed reviews on pre-release, yet has found praise for it graphics and multiplayer options, while others have described the gameplay repetitive and storyline stilted. Lord of the Rings fans will want this regardless, but if your interested in exploring Middle Earth further and outside of the movies, this is a fantastic opportunity.


King of Fighters XIII; at HMV

Xbox 360 – £33.99/$52.69/39.53 Euro
PS 3 – £33.99/$52.69/39.53 Euro

In a country which still has a thriving arcade industry it is easy to see why the Japanese love the King of Fighters series, these are old school styled 2D Beat ‘em Up’s that hark back to the gaming of the days of such consoles as the Neo Geo. The 13th game released today here in Europe includes many of the SNK fighting titles and is a perfect example of a release that is just what’s needed after a few beers with the lads.


ABBA: You Can Dance; at Amazon UK

Wii – £24.99/$38.75/29.07 Euro

ABBA, the bane of any family gathering that involves drunken fifty year old women and a disco. I could give you a critique of what is so dreadfully wrong in regard to this 4 piece Swedish pop combo, but you already know that if Satan has a Jukebox ABBA are sure to be in it. Although hard to believe it has taken so long, a dance game with this scourge of the 70’s soundtrack has arrived on the Wii, a perfect gift for inebriated Aunties everywhere.



Angry Birds; at Amazon UK

PC – £7.99/$12.39/9.29 Euro

Angry Birds has been a smash hit on iOS platforms over the last couple years and now PC owners can get themselves a boxed copy from today. If your unfamiliar with this highly addictive release, it involves catapulting the titular angry bird at a collapsible structure which contains, erm, pigs. A daft but enjoyable puzzler that will keep you coming back for more as you try to complete the 300 levels which are available.

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  1. Bobcat says:

    Grade A stuff. I’m unquetsionably in your debt.

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