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Star Wars:The Old Republic – Jedi Consular character progression

Published by in News on November 26th, 2011



As the beta weekend for Star Wars: The Old Republic is upon us, those of us who are not playing with our light-sabers will have to content ourselves with this new video released by Bioware showing the Jedi Consular character progression.That is until 12-20-2011 when the game is released.

“Channeling the power of the Force to give them strength in combat and clarity in diplomacy, Jedi Consulars are respected for their leadership on the battlefield as well as their evenhanded demeanor at the negotiating table. While many devote themselves to uncovering the ancient secrets of the Jedi and use their command of the Force to defend and protect their allies, others use the Force as a means of slipping into the shadows and becoming powerful servants for the Republic.The Jedi Consular is both a revered ally to the Republic and a dangerous adversary to the Empire. Their ability to revive fallen allies in combat and to manipulate the Force to remain hidden from their enemies makes them an invaluable asset. Get a small glimpse of the many paths of advancement for this powerful Force-wielding class.”


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