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Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand – Release Dates

Published by in News on December 3rd, 2011


Finally a release date has been announced for EA and Dices upcoming map pack for Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand.

The new maps will be available to download from the sixth of December on the PlayStation Network and thirteenth of December on Xbox LIVE and the PC. For people who purchased the Limited edition the downloads will be free, for the five other people out there that didn’t get the LE the cost of the pack is rumoured to be ¬£11.99 or 1200 MS points.

Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last few months, the back to Karkand map pack will contain

Four new Maps:

Strike at Karkand, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula,

New Game Mode:

Conquest Assault mode from Battlefield Two,
Conquest Assault starts one team in command of all control points on the map while the opposing team must assault and take the flags over in order to stop their tickets from bleeding down to zero.

Other Bits

Three new vehicles,

Ten new weapons,

Five new dog tags,

Five new achievements/trophie,

Ten assignments
Assignment must be completed in order to unlock one of the Back to Karkand weapons. In addition, players will receive a dog tag for completing each assignment

And if that’s not enough Battlefield love for you, Dice have launched a Battlefield 3 store where¬† fans can purchase some Battlefield 3 merchandise.You can check it out here

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