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VGA 2011 Trailers

Published by in News on December 11th, 2011


Now that the winners list is out of the way what about the really good stuff. The VGA’s are a good opportunity for developers to tease us with some new trailers of what we can expect to see. This year was no different and there are a few gems here.

Metal Gear Solid Rising “Revengeance” Trailer

Moving away from the cigarette smoking OAP Solid Snake, Konami have turned to cyborg ninja Raiden to lead the way in this new installment of the metal gear series. Platinum Games will develop the title so you know its going to be as mental as a box of frogs on a hot plate.



Epic Games “Fortnight” Trailer

Before the event chief designer at epic a Mr cliffyb said they had a new trailer for us to watch, and Fortnight is it.  Judging by the trailer it appears that this is going to be some sort of scavenging / survival game. In theory it sounds good, but lots of things sound good in theory.



Command and Conquer Generals 2

World leaders are mere seconds away from signing a peace treaty and bringing an end to a global war when a devastating terrorist attack rips through the conference, killing everyone in attendance, leaving only the world’s military superpowers in control. It’s up to you to assume their roles, take command of their forces and conquer global terrorism once and for all.

So that’s the back drop for Command and Conquer Generals 2, and with Bioware developing this title using the Frostbite 2 engine, it could really be something special.


Mass Effect 3

Its Mass Effect 3 need we say anymore ?


Rainbow Six: Patriots

Showing a bunch of heavily armed men break into a bank officials office strap explosives onto him and throw him out a window. I don’t know if I want to hunt these guys down or give them a medal.


Diablo 3

“The powers of hell could already be on the move”

Well they are and Blizzard are going to be bringing them marching into your homes when the third chapter in the epic Diablo series arrives.


The Last of Us

WOW!! The highlight of the night, this looks amazing. Developed by Naughty Dog and exclusively to PlayStation 3. The Last of Us, shows a farther daughter ? Team trying to survive in a world over run by (not zombies) but some weird ailen looking things.


Darksiders II

Death Lives..


Alan Wake Americian Nightmare

Everyone’sfavourite author / horror star is back. Armed with his trusty flashlight, Alan Wake is set to do battle with an evil caricature of himself called Mr Scratch.

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