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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Someone In Marketing Thinks You’re Stupid

Regular readers of the words that fall out of my head and onto the Internet will know that once in a while I let daylight in upon stagnant magic. Sometimes the mask slips and visitors to Reaper Towers get to see the liberal-pinko-bleeding heart-lefty that I am. So, if you are offended by, oh I don’t know common sense or if a pretty lady is enough to get you to part with your gaming bucks, look away now.

With Ghost Recon: Future Soldier out next week the PR machine is shifting into high gear. No surprise there. We can expect some new videos and trailers over the next few days no doubt, but here is one that landed last Friday you may not have seen. Have a look:

We see tons of video and press releases a day, but this one has gotten my goat more than any other I can remember having the misfortune to desecrate my eyes with in a while. Bit of an over reaction? No, it isn’t. Think about it for a minute. Whoever came up with this ‘genius’ video (and knowing plenty of media marketing types I’d put money on it that it took a room full of dullards to come up with it) has taken an equation that after the equals sign has your name and the word “idiot”.

“Hey, guys like games right? What else to guys like?”

“…Guns..? Boobs..? Arse..?”


Well I say screw you, you bunch of greasy crumbs! You can go for the tied old shtick of how demeaning it is to women to have a an attractive lady type firing off massive weapons just for the gratification of those with their brains in their cocks, but at the rotten core of this bit of marketing is that we are to believe that only men are suppose to be attracted to this new shooter. It buys into the 14 year old high school kid mentality that the only women who play games are the ones who turn up on fake Facebook pictures, i.e. some sun-kissed airheads holding an Xbox controller. Well guess what, most women who game are generally more than just a pair of boobies. They are intelligent, caring, thoughtful individuals, which is more than can be said for about two thirds of male gamers.

I would also like to point out that I have no issue with Cocco here. She is a beautiful enough humanoid who has been employed to do a job of work and although her “talking head” spots are as wooden as a hobby horse she does deliver on what she has been asked to do.

You’d have to be the retarded spawn of a mule and dodo to buy this title off the back of this pile of horseshit, but what really rattles my cage is how gamers continue to be treated like horny mental patience. No dear PR people, we have more class than that, even if you don’t.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier out on PS3 and Xbox 360 next week.

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