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Rogue Trooper Returns… on the Wii… WTF?

Published by in News on October 7th, 2009

Whose ‘Rogue Trooper’ you say? He is the mean, Blue, fighting machine that comes from the pages of 2000AD and is the scourge of NU Earth. The easiest way to describe him is ‘Zarjaz’! Anyway he is comin to the Wii before christmass in the ‘Quartz Zone Massacre‘ (click for the really nicly done website). It is rumoured that he might be dropping onto other platforms but for now thats just a dream. I dare to dream!

3 Responses

  1. REAPER says:

    Ooops… Copy editor is fired!! Wait, thats me…

  2. Master Gi-Bag says:

    "Rouge" trooper? As in Moulin Rouge? Have they turned him into a campy blue spacegay then? Sacrilege!

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