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Game Companies coming to Ireland…

Published by in News on January 27th, 2010

Growin up in Ireland as a gamer makes you rely on America, Canada and the UK for all things gaming and for any future opportunities in the games industry, which has always been a real pain in the ass! Well, that is slowly changing. There are several game companies based in Ireland, (Havok being the best known) but nothing compared to other U.S. and European companies and with the speculation that the Irish government are trying to lure many Scottish based production houses comes the news from RTE that ‘GALA’ are to create around 100 jobs in Dublin’s Digital Hub, things are looking more promising. Apparently Ireland has the perfect skill set to take on the games companies and will be offering tax incentives in order to make it (the cold and rain) more attractive! Well as a Dubliner this makes me very happy, sorry to our Scotty brothers across the pond… GTA paddy style anyone??
Thanks for spotting this Mr. Blind Side G!

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